1979- Chun Jing Enterprise Co., Ltd. is established in 1979, only 3 employees, 
          we focus on dispensing products and become the first dispenser manufacturer 
          in Asia.

1979- We create our brand-SUNRISE PUMPS. The first born product - 3.5cc   
          lotion pump launched

1982- We start to export to foreign market and Southeast Asia is our first stop. 
          At the same time, we buy all the injection machines from Japan.
1985- We invest on automatic assembly lines.

1993- From 1993 till now, we participate in major beauty show like Cosmoprof, HBA,   
          Beauty World Japan, Cosmeeting ….in all over the world.
1997- Pass ISO certification in July
1999- We started to export to United States and Japan.
2002- We pass the certification of SHISEIDO.
2003- We pass the certification of L’Oreal.
2008- We connect our dispensers with related packagings and extend product line to 
           airless tube, jar…etc.

2011- All of dispensers are upgarded with new engine(Metal-free).
2012- China headquarter located in Shanghai,  start operating from January.
We extend pump auto assembly line, the daily pump capacity can reach to 90 
          thousand pieces.